Boy's panicked call to Triple-0 after dad collapses with seizures

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Audio of a panicked call to Triple-0 made by a seven-year-old boy while his dad suffered multiple seizures has been revealed in a heart-wrenching podcast.

Simon and his two sons Monte, 5, and Casper, 7, recalled the harrowing event in Tuesday’s episode of I am 000, a podcast produced by Victoria’s Triple-0 service, ESTA.

The family had returned to their home in Kew, an inner Melbourne suburb, after a Sunday morning out in December 2018 when Simon and his sons walked out into the backyard where they planned to ride their bikes.

Suddenly Simon collapsed and began having a seizure, prompting Casper to run inside and get the phone to dial Triple-0.

On the end of the line was call-taker Chloe, who reassured Casper and gave him directions on what he needed to do while they waited for help to arrive.

Casper, 7 (left), and Monte, 5 (right). Source: Supplied
Casper, 7 (left), and Monte, 5 (right). Source: Supplied

The seven-year-old remained remarkably composed as he explained to Chloe his dad’s condition.

“My dad has had already two seizures, he’s having another one,” Casper told her, adding that he was “lying out in the backyard”.

Casper then told Chloe he believed his dad was “60 something”, and was “asleep” but breathing through his mouth.

The situation seemed to escalate when his dad tried getting up, but Casper continued responding to Chloe’s questions as he groaned in the background.

Chloe asked that Casper try and keep his dad lying down, and attempt to roll him onto his side when the fitting stopped.

“I’m just going to, turn him to his side right? Just hold on. Yep, I did it,” Casper was heard saying in the recording.

He became audibly panicked over what seemed to be his dad once again trying to sit up.

Casper's ability to explain what was happening made it easier for Ambulance Victoria to coordinate help. Source: AAP
Casper's ability to explain what was happening made it easier for Ambulance Victoria to coordinate help. Source: AAP

“He’s sitting up!,” he exclaimed to Chloe, who assured him that it was okay and not to worry.

Casper told her he wasn’t sure if his dad had diabetes or if he was an epileptic, but explained that he was on a certain type of medication and had suffered a stroke previously.

Speaking on the podcast, Simon recalled a small memory of his seizures in the backyard.

“I wanted to sit up, I have a distinct recollection of wanting to sit up...I learnt afterwards that it took three paramedics to get me into the ambulance because of whatever I was doing,” he said.

Simon has since recovered from the incident but said he now has a period of about 18 months missing from his memory.

“It’s very funny because there’s no sensation of it missing until someone asks you a question,” he said.

Young caller followed direction and answered questions

Chloe told the program that Casper’s ability to answer all of her questions quickly and precisely was invaluable to the level of care his dad was able to be given.

“He knew exactly what was happening which is very helpful in triaging the patient, he also followed all the instructions I gave him about how to help his dad,” she said.

“He was very brave, and they did a great job of getting the neighbour on scene to help them as well.”

Simon encouraged parents to get their kids used to making phone calls, and picking up the phone to contact family members as practice.

He said he was forever grateful Casper had the confidence to dial Triple-0.

“I can’t put it into words. I’m amazed, really amazed. I’m blessed having these two, they’re wonderful anyway, this is just a lifetime experience you never expect to have,” he said.

Both Casper and Monte were presented with a Junior Triple Zero award in June 2019 in recognition of their bravery and for calling Triple-0 in an emergency situation.

The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) launched its “I am 000” podcast on Tuesday to offer rare access to real Triple-0 calls and the people behind them.

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