Boy’s heartfelt letter after triple-0 prank

An Queensland mum has gone to great lengths to ensure her son learns a tough lesson after making a hoax call to triple-0.

Ipswich schoolboy Roam Grunwald has been punished at home and at school but is now receiving praise from the state’s top policeman for a heartfelt handwritten apology he penned in the wake of his misbehaving.

“I’m really sorry and I won’t ever do it again,” he began.

Roam has been punished by his mother and school for the prank call. Source: 7News

The Year 4 student was at school on Monday when friends dared him to call triple-0.

“When the lady came on and said ‘what’s your emergency?’ I dropped and I ran for it,” he recalled.

Emergency services contacted the school over the call who then informed his mother.

“Mum was not very impressed,” he said.

He has since penned a letter to police to apologise for his actions. Source: 7News

Mum Melynda Watson sent him to Goodna Police Station to express his regret.

“Absolutely he needed to apologise for what he’s done,” Ms Watson said.

Roam said police told him he could be charged over the act if he was older.

In his letter he told them he was sorry for wasting “precious time”.

A section of Roam’s letter. Source: 7News

“I promise I will only use 000 in emergencies, only in real emergencies when needed,” he wrote.

His mother’s response and Roam’s subsequent letter have been praised by Commissioner Ian Stewart.

“He came forward with that letter and apologised which is great,” he said.

It’s a message emergency services hope other parents will share with their children with school holidays just over two weeks away.

“Triple-0 prank calls take up very precious time,” Commissioner Stewart said.

Roam remains on detention at school and will be unable to watch his appearance on TV due to a month-long technology ban at home.

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