Mum skewers Coles after baffling find in Little Shop range

An Australian mum who's been teaching her son about money said the five-year-old was left scratching his head when he found a 25-cent coin in the new Little Shop toy range by Coles.

The retailer is once again giving away mini copies of popular grocery items and collectors can also get accessories, including a cash register with a variety of pretend money.

But Christine Daniels said the 25-cent coin threw her and her son.

Australia has never had a 25-cent piece in general circulation.

Cassie Daniels said her son was confused by a 25c coin which appeared as part of Coles Little Shop 2. Australia doesn't have a 25c coin. Source: Facebook/ Cassie Daniels

"Thanks Coles Little Shop! Trying to teach my five-year-old about money and now he has a 25c piece?" Ms Daniels wrote on Facebook.

She said her son's face was hilarious as he pondered the value on the face of the plastic coin.

“He was like 'mum why is there 25 on this one?',” Ms Daniels wrote.

“I just explained Americans have different coins."

One woman suggested Ms Daniels might find a solution to her problem somewhere other than Coles.

"You can actually get the toy money pack from Target with almost real looking Aussie currency notes and coins," she wrote.

Others recommended using real money to teach the boy.

A selection of 25-cent commemorative coins were produced by the Royal Australian Mint, most recently in 2016 and 2017 as part of an initiative with News Corp.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for comment.

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