Boyfriend schedules dates on Google Calendar: ‘This is my love language’

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TikTok is in love with this woman’s thoughtful boyfriend.

Many women have become accustomed to men ignoring the scheduled details on their Google calendars. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or date night, the info goes into Google Calendar only to be forgotten anyway. However, user @taylarawdah‘s boyfriend is a rare breed. Not only is he an attentive Google calendar user, he actually thoughtfully uses it to schedule things for the couple.

“My boyfriend schedules dates on GCal,” @taylarawdah wrote in the video caption.

Among an itinerary of gym sessions, miscellaneous appointments and work, her boyfriend had put two dates in their shared calendar. There was a movie night and another date intended to last the whole day with the description “beautiful day all about the Queen herself… Tayla!”

“Love the random notifications and all I have to do is hit ‘Yes,'” she said in the caption.

The video racked up half a million views, with people in the comments cooing over the boyfriend’s romantic gestures.

“This is my love language,” a user wrote.

“How does it feel to live my dream?” another said.

“I’m impressed he even uses GCal regularly,” a person added.

“The energy we all need and deserve,” someone commented.

“We do this too. Mostly because our schedules are so wild, but it’s honestly so nice to see something planned,” a TikToker replied.

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