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Boyfriend confronts girlfriend’s parents at family barbecue over relationship remarks: ‘They are crossing a boundary’

A couple doesn’t plan on ever getting married, and some family members can’t handle it.

The boyfriend asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in on the issue. After divorced men on the internet claimed their lives were in shambles, he told his girlfriend Chloe that he never wanted to get married. Eventually, she agreed. The couple intends to remain life partners, just never tie the knot. The issue is that Chloe’s family disapproves.

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“So when we first started dating I was wanting to get married. But about a year ago I switched that up. The reason sounds stupid but it just caused me to freak out. We were watching this show that talked about divorced men and their struggles. It turned me onto a couple sub-Reddit’s on here about men who got boned in divorces,” he wrote.

“After getting questioned countless times about it we finally sat them down and explained we don’t plan on getting married. Her family lost it. Saying that I was the one forcing this and bunch of other BS. Her sister especially is pissed.”

While the couple was with Chloe’s family at a BBQ, things took a heated turn.

“Her sister is mouthing off. She is recently engaged and was throwing shade about ‘how amazing it is to be committed.’ I caught some side glances from her parents. I looked at her and said ‘if you have something to say go ahead.’ She said, ‘you just wouldn’t understand the feeling,'” he wrote.

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“I said ‘well considering you’ve been engaged 3 times and married once already. I’m not quiet sure you know the right feeling either sweetie.’ Her dad and mom then butted in saying I needed to take that back. I said ‘both of y’all have been divorced before. So maybe stop the petty glances and look in a mirror.’ I was done after that. And me and Chloe left. I know it’s not smart getting into with your GFs family. But I feel like they are crossing a boundary and I felt like it had to be said.”

Redditors didn’t think Chloe’s family was in the right, but they questioned the poster’s reasoning.

“NTA for the family bit. YTA coz you’re blaming the internet for not wanting to get married,” a Redditor replied.

“As a male whose divorce literally bankrupted him you’re dumb AF for letting a TV show and some Reddit threads be the reason you’re not going to get married,” a person wrote.

“OP was indoctrinated by the MRA. And he can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that, in most places, if you are with someone long enough, you have the same liabilities in a split as you would in a divorce. Being married, however, makes some things easier legally,” another said.

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