Boy with leukemia to spend Christmas at home after doctors give him the 'all-clear'

A Melbourne family is celebrating a very special Christmas after learning their youngest boy, who has been battling leukemia for years, will spend the holidays at home.

Brodie Mitchell, 6, of Pakenham, has been in and out of hospital for four years.

His mum Caley said Brodie’s first Christmas was “really difficult” after he was diagnosed on December 12, 2014.

“Having Christmas in hospital was very hard,” Ms Mitchell said.

We’re normally admitted to hospital every December, so from the first of December our anxiety is really high of what’s going to happen to Brodie.”

Brodie Mitchell, 6, of Pakenham, has been battling leukemia for four years in and out of hospital. Source: 7 News

However, the family has been informed Brodie won’t spend Christmas in hospital after doctors gave him the all-clear.

“This will be the first Christmas that I can relax as a mother,” Ms Mitchell said.

“There’s nothing better than having three healthy children and not worrying about what’s going to happen.”

Libby Roden, from children’s hospice Very Special Kids, said she believes it’s the first year the family feel they can celebrate Christmas and “be more relaxed and happy”.

Very Special Kids has been supporting Brodie since his diagnosis.

Brodie will spend his first Christmas at home for about four years after being given the all clear from doctors. He’s pictured with mum Carly (middle). Source: 7 News