Boy goes viral over bizarre name from crossword-loving dad

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A boy has gone viral over his highly unusual name.

The boy, 12, a student in South Sumatra, Indonesia, came to the attention of police over his name after registering to receive a Covid-19 vaccination, Tribunnews reports.

His dad Zulfahmi told the publication he had always thought about an alphabetical name for a child and gave it to his first born. He is also a big fan of crossword puzzles – a love which is thought to have influenced the strange choice in name.

Fair enough. So, what did he name him?

The name is a tricky one to pronounce, to say the very least. Source: Twitter/Harian Metro
The name is a tricky one to pronounce, to say the very least. Source: Twitter/Harian Metro

The boy’s name is ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu.

Zulfahmi said the name has led to confusion in the past including when he had to fill out a family identification card for the boy after his birth in 2012. He added Zuzu is an abbreviation of his name and his wife’s name.

"At that time I was even told to go home. They were told to ask for the testimony of the doctor who helped give birth to my child. Maybe they thought I was playing games," he said.

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Zulfahmi told Indonesian news site Detik his son doesn’t always go by his full name though and is sometimes referred to as Adef.

Adef or ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu is also the only one of his three siblings with the unique alphabetical name. Although, Zulfahmi considered naming them NOPQ RSTUV and XYZ.

His dad hopes his son will be inspired by his name and pursue literature and linguistics just as he once dreamed of doing.

A video of the boy and his name tag were widely shared on WhatsApp after they were snapped by a police officer.

Names can often lead to amusing situations depending on context.

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