Boy finds 'sharp 4-centimetre blade' hidden in ice block

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A dad has shared a shocking video showing an ice block his son had been enjoying just moments before with a sharp blade hidden inside.

Mr Yao, from the city of Loudi in the Chinese province of Hunan, posted the footage on social media site Douyin on Tuesday.

The father claimed he found a four-centimetre-long blade in his child's ice block that luckily did not cause injury.

Stills from a Douyin video showing a blade inside an ice block in China.
A blade shown inside an ice block. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

Mr Yao explained his son noticed a metallic smell while eating the ice block and bit into the blade on the second bite.

The blade scratched the child’s teeth, but did not cut the inside of his mouth.

The father added all adult family members were in the room at the time and he was certain the child did not put the blade in himself.

After the incident, he promptly contacted the ice cream manufacturer.

The video shared by Mr Yao shows the ice cream was called Kung Fu Red Bean Ice Lolly, and its manufacturers include Henan Mulunhe Food, Anhui Shuanghao Food, and Tianjin Aimeilin Food.

According to the news site Baidu, representatives at Henan Mulunhe Food are taking full responsibility for the incident and are personally discussing the matter with Mr Yao.

A spokesperson of the Loudi City Consumers' Committee told local media they had not received an official complaint about the incident yet.

– Australscope

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