Boy doused in nail polish remover and set alight by another child

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT : A seven-year-old boy has been left with graphic injuries after he was doused in nail polish remover and set alight by another child he was playing with, according to his mother.

Julien Sandlin, from Independence, Missouri, was allegedly set alight with the flammable fluid and a candle by an eight-year-old boy at the housing complex they both lived on August 6.

Julien was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to save the skin on his face and arms.

Julien Sandlin faces a long road to recovery after being set alight while playing outside his home. Source: GoFundMe
His mother claims another boy covered her son in nail varnish remover and set him alight with a candle. Source: GoFundMe

His internal organs could also be damaged from the incident while skin grafts are a strong possibility.

“It’s a very painful process for him,” his 26-year-old mother, Ashley Lyons, told The Kansas City Star.

“There is a lot of anxiety. There is a lot of anger. There is a lot of confusion. He’s trying to maintain the best that he can, for a seven-year-old.”

Ms Lyons now wants to move from the area, saying the housing complex is riddled with crime. Source: GoFundMe
The mother has started a GoFundMe page to help cover her son’s growing medical costs. Source: Fox4KC

She says she wasn’t at home at the time of the incident and a neighbour was forced to run from their home and cover Julien in a wet towel.

Police are investigating the incident but refuted claims from Ms Lyons the complex was overrun with crime.

The single mother-of-three has since started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Julien’s escalating medical costs and to get enough money to afford to move out of the area for a “safe place to live”.

The mother believes their complex (pictured) where her son was attacked is unsafe. Source: Fox4KC