Boy, 2, saves family from fire after parents lose sense of smell from Covid

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A two-year-old boy saved his family from a horrific house fire by waking up his parents who lost their sense of smell due to Covid-19.

About two weeks ago Nathan and Kayla Dahl woke up to their two-year-old son Brandon alerting them to a fire in their home in Alvord, Texas.

"He tapped me on my feet in bed and was coughing and saying, 'Mama, hot. Mama, hot,'" Ms Dahl, told Good Morning America.

"I turned around. I looked and all I saw was flames in the doorway."

Mr Dahl is a volunteer firefighter, and when he woke to his wife yelling 'fire!' he thought he would get to work. But he changed his mind when he saw the flames, deciding to save his family instead of putting out the fire.

Pictured is two-year-old Brandon who saved his family from a house fire.
Two-year-old Brandon saved his family from a house fire. Source: WFAA

Just by looking at the flames, he knew the house was gone.

Thanks to Brandon, Mr and Ms Dahl were able to get their five children out of their burning home, with Mr Dahl telling TV station WFAA they had just seconds to do so.

"It's nothing short of a miracle," he said.

He said about a minute after the family got outside, flames were coming out of the front door and emergency services were called just before 5.00am.

At the time of the fire, Mr and Ms Dahl were recovering from Covid-19 and had completely lost their sense of smell, so they were unaware of the smoke.

Pictured is the Dahl house on fire.
The Dahl family lost everything in the fire, but the family of seven were all uninjured. Source: Decatur Fire Department

Their home did have smoke alarms, but they didn't sound until their home was engulfed in flames.

Decatur Fire Department said in a press release there weren't any serious injuries due to the blaze, however, everything the family owned was gone.

The fire was threatening to spread to other homes, however only the Dahl's home was destroyed.

The fire department said with the help of other agencies in the area, the situation was stabilised by daybreak.

The family lost all their possessions in the fire and a GoFundMe has raised thousands to help them get back on their feet. Source: WFAA
The family lost all their possessions in the fire and a GoFundMe page has raised thousands to help them get back on their feet. Source: WFAA

A GoFundMe page was set up by Ms Dahl's best friend Chellsea Malson and more than $26,000 ($A37,000) has been raised so far.

"Everyone got out safe but they lost everything they owned," Ms Malson said.

"This is so tragic and traumatising for this family and I would like for us to come together to help them out.

The GoFundMe page also said the family is in desperate need of some clothes, as all of theirs were lost in the fire.

Alvord Fire Department also organised a fundraising dinner to help out the family.

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