Shoe mugger bites boy's cheek at NSW shops

Jamie McKinnell and Perry Duffin

A would-be mugger being hunted by police after biting a teenager on the face at a north Sydney shopping centre has been likened to a "disgusting, yellow-toothed rat".

Deklan Manley, 13, was confronted by two men at the Macquarie Centre at Macquarie Park before midday on Monday.

"Give me your shoes cuz", one is heard saying in footage of the incident.

Deklan pushed one away but was assaulted and bitten on the cheek during the skirmish. He escaped and was given medical treatment.

"His breath stunk, he was in my face, I couldn't let go or anything because it would rip off my face," he told the Seven Network on Tuesday.

"He looked pretty disgusting, he had yellow teeth."

Deklan's friend Maia Watene, 11, filmed the incident.

"He looked like a rat," she said.

The children's parents have both expressed disappointment nobody stepped in to help.

NSW Police Acting Superintendent Jason Weinstein says the attack appears to have been random.

"It's not a common occurrence for the Macquarie shopping centre," he told reporters on Tuesday.

Authorities are now searching for two assailants both described as Caucasian and aged between 18 and 22.

One has the letter "K" tattoed on the back of his left hand and was wearing a hooded jumper, green cargo pants and a black baseball cap.

The other has a rose tattoo on the back of his right hand and was wearing a black jumper, blue jeans and black and white chequered baseball cap.