'I know he's dying': Extraordinary story of boy, 11, who is carer to terminally ill brother

An 11-year-old boy got “the biggest surprise of his life” when his grandmother nominated him for a radio station competition to win a trip to the Gold Coast.

Alize,11, was confused when he heard his grandmother Vicky on the radio.

Speaking with New Zealand’s The Project after the video of him reacting to her on the radio went viral, Alize explained why he cares for his brother.

“I love him with all my heart,” Alize said on The Project a few days after hearing his Nana on the radio.

“I know he's dying, but I just wanna know he'll always be near me and I'll always be there for him.”

Alize cares for his younger brother who is terminally ill and cannot communicate. Source: Andre The Incredible PVL - Facebook.

New Zealand radio station More FM raises money to send children on a trip to the Gold Coast through ‘Jingle Bail’ where two radio presenters are locked up a in ‘jail cell’ in a shopping centre until enough money is raised to send the children on this trip.

Vicky nominated her grandson for helping out his younger brother Andre who has a terminal brain injury know as periventricular leukomalacia (PVL).

“Alize just does everything that needs to be done,” Vicky is heard saying on the radio.

Alize’s mother filmed his reaction and uploaded it to a Facebook page titled Andre The Incredible PVL.

“I don’t know what else to say, this kid is amazing,” Vicky said, saying Alize was a “hero” and Andre’s “guardian angel”, while he puts his head in his hands and cries listening to his grandmother on the radio.

Vicky explained Andre is almost four years old and cannot speak and is blind, however he always appears to be happy.

“His life is very short, he [Andre] has a very short life expectancy,” Vicky said.

Alize became emotional as he listened to his grandmother on the radio talk about him. Source: The Incredible Andre PVL.

The radio hosts explained to Alize they would like to send him to the Gold Coast on a trip through a charity called Kuro Care NZ.

Kuro Care is a charity which provides memorable overseas trips for kids who have drawn “the short straw” - whether they have cancer, heart problems or cannot use their limbs.

“You’re going to Australia,” his mother exclaimed in the video, while Alize is overcome with emotion, as is Vicky by the sound of her voice on air.

The video of Alize’s reaction has amassed more than 1.6 million views since it was uploaded on Monday.

Alize told The Project he was “shocked” but also “so happy” when he heard his Nana’s voice on the radio.

“When she started talking about me I just felt like I was full of hope,” he said.

Since the video was posted people have been donating to Alize’s bank account so he has some spending money for the trip, according to his mother on the Andre The Incredible PVL Facebook page.

His mother thanked those who had donated and explained although he will pocket as much money as he can, he still wants to donate whatever money he gets to the cause so other children who don’t have spending money have some too.

“We're not leaving our jail cell till we get enough money to fundraise for your trip to the Gold Coast,” More FM’s Jay-Jay Flynny and Jase commented on the Facebook post.

“You deserve it Alize, you are amazing, and so is your loving family.”

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