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Boxer Gervonta Davis set for Dec. trial after judge rejects plea deal for 2020 hit-and-run

Boxer Gervonta Davis and his lawyer are headed to trial on Dec. 12 after a judge rejected a plea deal in the case of a 2020 hit-and-run crash in Baltimore.

In a hearing on Tuesday, Judge Melissa Phinn rejected the deal offered by prosecutors, which included a one-year suspended sentence, two months of home confinement, and zero jail time. Davis, 27, had already accepted that deal, which was not the first one he was offered. Prosecutors originally proposed a plea deal that included four months of jail time, which Davis rejected in March.

Davis is facing charges of driving with a suspended license, driving with a revoked license, and failure to remain at the scene of an accident. All those charges are misdemeanors, and each carries a potential jail sentence of one year.

Victim claims Davis ignored her pleas for help

The crash happened around 2 a.m. Nov. 5, 2020. Davis was allegedly driving his 2020 Lamborghini Urus SUV at a high speed in downtown Baltimore when he ran a red light and plowed into a midsized Toyota. According to a police report obtained by the Baltimore Banner, the car was "destroyed," though the airbags did go off. Four passengers from the Toyota were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Three of those passengers have settled their civil suits against Davis, but the fourth person, Jyair Smith, has not. Smith was in court on Tuesday to protest the plea deal, which she felt wasn't enough considering the aftermath of the crime. She was pregnant at the time of the crash, and sustained a major knee injury that will seriously affect her for the rest of her life, along with other physical issues.

Smith also claims that Davis knew she was in distress and trapped in the smoking car immediately following the crash, but ignored her cries for help.

“I begged Mr. Gervonta Davis; I looked him in his eyes,” Smith said in court via the Baltimore Banner. “I said I have to get home to my daughter, I’m pregnant. He never once came over to help me. He got his things and left."

Smith's account of Davis leaving the scene is backed up by video and witnesses, according to prosecutors.

Gil Amaral, Smith's attorney, called the plea deal "a nothing for this case," and said that any deal offered to Davis that doesn't include jail time would not be acceptable to Smith.

“I don’t think this is acceptable either,” Phinn said of the current plea deal. “The court will not accept it.”

Davis, who is 27-0 in his career with 25 knockouts, has been hinting at a possible return to the ring in December. With the trial date set for Dec. 12, that return could be up in the air.

Gervonta Davis is going to trial in December for a 2020 hit-and-run after a judge rejected his plea deal with prosecutors. (AP Photo/David Swanson)
Gervonta Davis is going to trial in December for a 2020 hit-and-run after a judge rejected his plea deal with prosecutors. (AP Photo/David Swanson) (AP)