'Bouncing around': Vet's warning after dog's 'shocking' act with new toy

An 18-month-old Labrador gave his owners a shock when he brought back a toy from the dog park and instead of playing fetch, he swallowed it whole.

Brax from Queensland was rushed to AEC Vets in Coolangatta after he swallowed a mini tennis ball in one gulp.

“He certainly regretted it, when it went down we were just shocked,” owner Alex Hobbs told 9News.

Luckily, after three hours in surgery, the obstruction was removed and the next day Brax was able to return home.

Brax (Left) loved his new toy so much, he decided to swallow the tennis ball (Right). Source: 9News

Vet Dr Kerri Pimm told 9News while she has a lot fo experience with dogs eating things they shouldn’t, the tennis ball was a first.

“I have removed various other things, including marbles, rocks and foam from a couch, but this was my first tennis ball.

“It was literally bouncing around in his stomach!” she said.

Ms Hobbs is relieved the experience is over and decided to keep Brax’s favourite toy, although he won’t be allowed to play with it any time soon.

“This is definitely the most expensive tennis ball I will ever have,” Ms Hobbs told 9News.

An x-ray of Brax's stomach reveals the tennis ball. Source: 9News

Dr Pimm said she hasn’t worked a shift without seeing a mischievous dog so she cautioned pet owners to be careful, even with toys.

“Care needs to be taken in not giving your dog any balls or toys in general that are smaller than the size of their mouth.”

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