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Woman discovers cruel detail in work email

A woman has revealed how her former boss sent a cruel email to mark the day she left her job after she resigned.

Laura Claire posted an emotional video on her TikTok account, detailing how her former boss organised a party to celebrate her leaving the company.

“Now I’m sure a lot of you have sh***y bosses and have been in some pretty sh***y situations, but I think I come close to topping it today,” she said in the video, while crying.

“So for the past two years, I’ve worked at this company under the CEO and in the last year he’s really turned on me and just been vicious.”

In the video, Ms Clare did not name the company or her former boss, but claimed he continually belittled her.

Laura Clare explained how her boss sent her an invite to a boat day, to celebrate her leaving the company. Source: TikTok/laurac1are
Laura Clare explained how her boss sent her an invite to a boat day, to celebrate her leaving the company. Source: TikTok/laurac1are

“He’s told me I’m not worth what I’m being paid, that he can replace me in a heartbeat – he yells at me and swears at me,” she said, likening the treatment to that of an abusive relationship.

The former Big Brother contestant said she had put her resignation in and a few days later, she opened up her email and found an invite for a ‘boat day’, which was called “celebrate Laura leaving”.

“I thought that it was for me, why would I think anything else?” Ms Clare continued.

“And I accepted and then he wrote back and said 'read the details please'. He'd invited the whole company to a day to celebrate the fact I'd left.”

Throughout the video, Ms Clare is visibly emotional, but many showed their support for the woman.

“HR here – This is workplace bullying and you are entitled to take this to Fair Work,” someone commented.

“You would have a very strong case in a tribunal.”

Another said she was a lawyer and she would happily help Ms Clare out – and it appears the two have been in contact.

Mona Youssef, the lawyer on TikTok who works at Harper James Law Group, told the Daily Mail Ms Clare had been “going through a lot of trauma”.

Since posting the TikTok, Ms Clare has shared an update, thanking those who offered support.

“I’m not great,” she said in the next video.

“But the love and support that I’ve received has been overwhelming – I don’t know how I got so lucky that just all these beautiful people came and just backed me and gave me support and told me I was worthy.”

In the captions on the second TikTok video, Ms Clare said she was “moving up North” to be closer to her friends and family for support.

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