How To Boost Your Kid's Immune System During Cold And Flu Season

Charlotte Singmin
·1-min read

The immune health of our children is top of mind as we move into cold and flu season. Having a strong immune system will mean our kids will be better able to ward off potential infections. And while we are all by now oh-so-familiar with protocols such as proper hand-washing and sneezing techniques, there are plenty other actions we can incorporate into our kids’ daily routines to bolster their’ immunity.

Make sure they get enough sleep and rest

Having a regular wind-down routine and set bedtime ― and nap times, if kids are younger ― helps set children’s body clocks, so they fall asleep easier. The Government of Canada recommends kids aged 5-13 get 9-11 hrs sleep each night.

Tips to try:

  • Keep bedtime the same on school nights, with a little leniency over the weekend when sleeping in might be an option.

  • Start the bedtime routine 15 minutes earlier, if necessary, to make ample time for soothing snuggles and reading.

  • Swap screen time for a warm bath ― children benefit from aromatherapy too. Try a kid-friendly formulation like the Honest Company Bubble Bath Lavender Dream to help them relax.

  • For kids who have a particularly hard time getting out of bed in the morning (we can relate!), invest in a sunrise-simulating alarm clock like this SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up light from Phillips. The realistic soft sunrise glow will fill their room slowly, allowing their bodies to wake up naturally until an alarm goes off at a designated time.


Ensure they eat a balanced diet

Healthy eating is important year round, but particularly as we head into cold and flu...

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