Boost Juice manager's rude question to Aussie teen during interview

A Perth teen has claimed she was shamed by a Boost Juice manager for what she wore to a job interview.

Phoebe Holmes shared a video on TikTok detailing her experience with the franchise in 2020.

"Here's one of the worst places I almost worked," she said in the TikTok.

Phoebe said she showed up for a group interview dressed in black leggings and a black top to show what she would dress like for work, while others wore jeans and denim skirts.

She said she was called back for a second interview, and this time she wore a denim skirt and a nice top as she was going to her brother's soccer game right after the interview.

"My mum had told me off the first time for wearing black leggings and a black top because it wasn't interview attire," she said.

Phoebe Holmes in her TikTok.
Phoebe Holmes detailed her experience of interviewing with Boost Juice. Source: TikTok

When Phoebe arrived at the franchise for her second interview she said the manager asked her to come into the kiosk.

"I was like, 'OK, I'll go into the kiosk'," she said.

"And she just looks me up and down and she goes, 'What are you wearing, you're not ready to work'.

"I was like, 'No, I'm here for a second interview' ... and she's like, 'Interview? This is your trial'."

Phoebe informed the manager that she had told her it would be an interview so the manager sat her down and conducted the "rudest interview ever".

"She's hating on me like I f***ed up but I did not f*** up. I know what I heard," Phoebe said.

"She's asking me what I'm doing after and like no proper interview questions ... I know I haven't done anything wrong."

A woman grabs a Boost Juice cup.
Boost Juice said the way Phoebe was treated was 'unacceptable'. Source: Instagram

Phoebe said after about two minutes the manager suddenly got up and walked off and the teen did not hear from her again.

"So if that was gonna be my boss, I'm glad it didn't work," she said.

In a statement to Daily Mail Australia, a Boost Juice spokesman said it was an "unacceptable" way for Phoebe to be treated.

“We genuinely work hard to create positive experiences with potential employees, so it is especially disappointing when we don’t live up to our expectations,” the spokesman said.

“We have many thousands of happy Boosties, and will take this as an opportunity to reinforce the importance that everyone should have the same positive experience in our network.”

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