Boob job leads to tragedy for 21-year-old bride-to-be

Alessia's family and partner have been left heartbroken and searching for answers.

A bride-to-be has died after getting a boob job because she wanted to show off her cleavage in a low-cut wedding dress. Beautician Alessia Neboso was planning to wed her longtime boyfriend Mario Lucchesi, but she started feeling unwell days after the surgery.

The 21-year-old developed a high fever, fatigue, a cough, weakness and gastrointestinal issues. After her condition worsened, her family took her to a hospital near Naples, Italy, and by the time she was admitted with an infection on September 20, her lungs were failing and her white blood count was alarmingly high.

Alessia Neboso in selfie and sitting by pool in bikini before getting a boob job
Alessia had a boob job for her wedding day. Source: Jam Press

"We subjected her to all possible tests. We wanted to understand where the sepsis was localised. We did an ultrasound and a CT scan of the abdomen, another CT scan of the chest, from which we understood that the problem was coming from the lungs," Dr Feliciano Ciccarelli told local media.

Ms Neboso was stabilised and taken to the ICU, but she died from a cardiac arrest a few hours later.

Boob job became an obsession

Ms Neboso had been thinking about getting breast implants for months. "Her dream was to get married wearing a beautiful low-cut dress that would highlight her new cleavage," a close friend, who chose to remain anonymous, told local media.

"Alessia had always had a complex about her small breasts, even though they weren't really that small, in fact, in my opinion, they were almost perfect. But she didn't want to listen to advice and had made up her mind to have it done; she didn't care what others said. She didn't even want to listen to her boyfriend; he wasn't in favour either.

"When she came to my house for a manicure, she talked about nothing else, and she was very happy to have found the courage to go to the surgeon."

Ms Neboso had decided to enlarge her breasts by a couple of sizes at a clinic specialising in plastic surgery. She first went there for routine tests before returning on 11 September for the op. She was discharged the same day.

"She was fine until the 18th. The first discomforts came that evening and continued the next morning," Dr Ciccarelli said. "Then they progressively worsened until the 20th, when she arrived at the clinic in critical condition and in 'code red'."

Alessia Neboso in selfies with partner Mario Mucchesi
Alessia and Mario in happier times. Source: Jam Press

Devastated family speaks out

Ms Neboso's devastated family has filed a complaint and police are now investigating. "If there are liabilities, they must come to light. If Alessia died because of the doctors, we want justice," her parents told local media. "She was doing great, she was beautiful, young, and healthy. They must tell us what happened in that operating room."

"I love you, Alè, no one will ever be able to take your place," Ms Neboso's partner Mario wrote on social media. "You will forever be my woman! You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I will have no mercy on anyone until you get justice. You will always be in my heart and in your family’s. I love you so much."


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