$275pw Bondi room slammed over 'joke' feature

Scoring a room to call your own just "moments" away from Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach might be what some consider the ideal living situation.

But one "large room" being advertised for $275 a week might not be all it's talked up to be, despite its sought-after location.

Not even its convenient proximity to popular shops, cafes, restaurants and transport can get renters interested in this room, because there's one detail people can't look past and it's causing a stir online.

Pink attic room with bed and desk in Bondi
The $275-a-week bedroom is advertised as a "large and private" space, but people couldn't help but realise just how small it really is. Source: Facebook

"It's called an attic, not room," one person said on Facebook where the room was advertised.

"My dog has a bigger bed/space, you’ll have to get around on your knees back and forth," said another.

Major detail savagely mocked

Despite the words "private" and "large" being used to describe the bedroom, many pointed out it wasn't large at all and it's actually the attic of a home, usually used for storage.

While the post didn't reveal the room's dimensions, photos shared help give potential renters an idea of what to expect.

One photo shows a double bed squeezed in at one end of the room but there's barely enough space on either side to jump into with ease.

A steep slanted roof is also a feature of the room but many believe the occupant may struggle to stand up because of it. This feature makes the room look and feel even smaller.

This might require a physio or chiro to help fix any issues caused, some mocked, which would of course incur an extra cost.

Pink attic room in Bondi
The angled roof makes it nearly impossible for most people to stand on one side of the room, which is actually the attic of a house. Source: Facebook

"Perfect for my already crook neck," one joked.

"I know a physio who would do a deal for who ever gets this space," said another.

A third asked: "Does it include claustrophobia therapy?"

To make matters worse, the weekly rent doesn't cover the cost of utilities and an additional $15 a week is required to cover electricity, gas and water.

One person called the listing "a joke".

'Chaotic rental system' in Australia

The Tenants’ Union of NSW CEO Leo Patterson Ross said these photos are "unclear and misleading" but unfortunately it's a sign of the times.

"This is really a clear indication of just how chaotic our rental system is, and how disconnected it is from the expectations of the community," he told Yahoo News Australia. "Using perspective to give the impression of a larger room than it likely is."

Rather than a share house looking for a flatmate, Mr Ross said it "appears to be a licensed real estate agent leasing out the room."

Arial view of Bondi Beach
The room for rent is just moments away from the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney. Source: Getty

But if you are on a budget, it might just be the way to go.

"Although it's a small room it actually is on the cheaper end of share house rooms in Bondi Beach on flatmates.com.au, there are rooms as high as $415per week, and most are higher than $275," Mr Ross said.

"Checking our Rent Tracker tool, the median 3-4 bedroom house in 2026 is $1500 — amongst 4 people, that's still $375per week."

Mr Ross said our approach to housing "has been broken for many years," and it's something Australia "needs to get a handle on."

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