Bondi local fumes over parking photo – can you spot why?

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A local resident in Sydney’s iconic suburb of Bondi has shared her frustration after two cars made a careless park outside her home.

Both cars parked on the street, with each vehicle slightly protruding over the driveway, causing the owner’s car to be blocked in.

The woman took to a local Facebook group Tuesday afternoon to vent her frustrations and apparently enlighten the two drivers responsible for the effort.

“To the two inconsiderate drivers of these cars ... it’s a driveway you parked over,” she wrote, sharing a photo of the scene.

It's unclear who did it first. Source: Facebook
It's unclear who did it first. Source: Facebook

It is an infringement to park obstructing a driveway – one that earns a $272 fine in the state, according to the NSW Government’s list of parking offences.

In just a few hours, the post attracted plenty of debate with more than 85 comments from Facebook users, with many lamenting how frequently such parking atrocities are committed in the area.

“I don’t understand how some adults adult,” replied one woman.

Others urged the woman to get in contact with police and the local council to have the cars removed.

Others jokingly offered less helpful advice: “Fish sauce down the air vents... it wont make them move, but you will feel better,” one commented.

Others, meanwhile, sympathised with the difficulty of getting a park in Bondi.

“Hahahah Bondi parking is tough,” they said.

“The more I read this group the more I am thankful to have left Sydney,” another chimed in.

After referring the matter to the local council, the woman updated the post, telling those following along that one vehicle was not registered and the owner had a suspended license, while the other owner was unable to be contacted.

She said the council was booking both motorists.

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