'May your toilet back up': Woman's scathing message to 'selfish' plant thief

An angry victim of a senseless theft has left a scathing message for the person who stole her plant, calling them “cheap and selfish”.

Photos of the message – written over two signs – were posted to the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page by the resident targeted at O’Brien Street in the eastern Sydney suburb.

According to the social media post, the plant was stolen from a row of vegetation and the victim left two notes for the robber on her fence and on a wooden stake dug in the ground where the plant used to be.

An angry victim of a theft has left a few messages to the person stealing her plant in Sydney's east. Source: Facebook/Bondi Local Loop

“To the person who stole this plant,” the scathing message read.

“The plant you helped yourself to was planted by me at my cost and was part of a row, and took several years to grow.

“This garden bed is for everyone’s enjoyment and is an improvement to the general vista of the street.

“How cheap and selfish are you?

“May your toilet back up on a public holiday.”

She put a sign up on her fence where the plant used to be. Source: Facebook/Bondi Local Loop

Many commented on the post, urging the perpetrator to hand themselves in.

“What scum,” one commented.

“Wow. That’s a new low,” another said.

According to the NSW Crimes Act, stealing plants from gardens, national parks or nature strips is an offence.

People who commit the crime can be slapped with a $220 fine.

According to research released by bank ING earlier this month, the average household has a plant value of $13,189.

A second note read: "May your toilet back on a public holiday." Source: Facebook/Bondi Local Loop

This recent development comes after a thief’s deviant tactic was caught on a home’s security camera before stealing plants.

A woman was filmed entering a stranger’s property at Umina Beach on the NSW Central Coast, then ringing the doorbell and knocking in a move to determine if anyone was home.

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