'UnAustralian': Bondi Beach could be sectioned off for rich

Bondi Beach could be sectioned off for rich. Source: Getty
Bondi Beach could be sectioned off for rich. Source: Getty

Bondi Beach-goers could soon find themselves limited to one section of the beach, after Waverley Council received a plan to privatise a portion of the beach for rich people.

The ‘Amalfi Beach Club’ is seeking to rope off a 30-metre by 40-metre section of Bondi beach, and charge a fee for entry.

Their target market? Rich people with attractive jobs.

“This summer international travel will be limited,” Amalfi Beach Club’s petition states.

“Those who may have sojourned to the usual European beach hotspots over our winter will spend the year in Australia supporting the local economy instead.

“Intrepid Sydney locals, however, need not fret, as we will bring ‘Euro beach chic’ to them. Other than its namesake, Amalfi Beach Club aspires to the iconic Beach Clubs from popular European seaside destinations such as Mykonos, Capri and St Tropez.

In addition to celebrating our wonderful Bondi Beach in a new, vibrant and sophisticated way, which will help rebuild its international reputation in a post COVID-19 world, Amalfi Beach Club will be an important adjunct for local business to generate an income.”

The Beach Club wants to charge $80 for two hours in a luxury cabana. Food and drink prices are in addition to that.

The Beach Club’s proposal, seen by The Daily Telegraph, to Waverley Council states it’s seeking a “select demographic” of individuals aged 25 to 45, with an interest in travel, fashion and luxury goods.

They have outlined exactly who they’re looking for, too.

If you’re a man, you’re likely a doctor, surgeon, banker, investor, professional director or business entrepreneur.

If you’re a woman, you’ll have a role in publishing, advertising, fashion, beauty or modelling.

The Beach Club is looking to set up shop between February and May next year, and run from 12pm to 9pm, Thursday to Sunday.

But the proposal has been widely criticised already.

Ben Fordham said on 2GB that while this might be normal overseas, privatising beaches has no place in Australia.

“This is just not something we do in Australia,” he said.

“I know it’s normal in other parts of the world when you have a pleb section and a VIP section, but we do things differently down under.”

Australians have taken to Twitter to air their frustrations.

“How bloody unAustralian is this? Fencing off a chunk of Bondi Beach for the benefit of the rich? Not who we are,” one user said.

“They should fence off the rich,” another said.

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