Bol's lawyer yet to receive documents

The US lawyer representing Peter Bol as he fights to save his career says he has yet to receive full documents from the middle-distance star's positive EPO test.

Athletics Australia announced on Friday that Bol had been provsionally suspended after returning an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) from an out-of-competition test on October 11.

The 28-year-old Bol - who had been expected to be named Young Australian of the Year next week - has strenuously declared his innocence and asked for his B sample to be tested next month.

Bol has retained the services of Paul Greene, the head of Global Sports Advocates.

"We haven't even got the opportunity yet to see the lab document package for his A sample," Greene told AAP.

"We've only been shown a summary of what they say the results are.

"We've not seen anything else.

"We've requested that the B sample be analysed and that will happen next month and then we won't even get lab documents until March.

"So until we get lab documents and have the chance to get experts to analyse them, we don't know what the viable way to look at this is.

"It's just too early in the game."

Erythropoietin, or EPO, stimlulates the production of red blood cells, increasing endurance levels in athletes.

EPO is produced naturally by the body, but a synthetic version can also be injected as an illegal performance-enhancing agent.

It has been reported Bol's positive test to an elevated level of EPO was only in a single band above the legal level.

There are up to five bands revealing the strength of the reading.

"When you have low levels it's a matter of interpreting data," said Greene.

"That's what it comes down to."

Bol took to social media on Friday to defend his reputation.

"I am innocent and have not taken this substance as I am accused," Bol posted on Twitter.

"I ask that everyone in Australia believe me."

The Sudanese-born runner surged to stardom by finishing fourth in the 800m at the Tokyo Olympics.

He claimed the silver medal at last year's Commonwealth Games and holds the national 800m record.

"When I found out last week that the A Sample from a urine test taken on 11 October had tested positive for synthetic EPO, I was in total shock," he wrote.

"To be clear, I have NEVER in my life purchased, researched, possessed, administered, or used synthetic EPO or any other prohibited substance.

"I voluntarily turned over my laptop, iPad and phone to Sport Integrity Australia to prove this."

If found guilty, Bol will likely be hit with a four-year ban from the sport.