Quarry search for boy's body 'hazardous'


The search for the body of a 16-year-old boy who jumped into a flooded quarry west of Brisbane is being hampered by hazardous underwater obstacles.

The teenager was playing with friends when he dived into the quarry at a private property at Collingwood Park near Ipswich about midday on Monday.

His mates saw him resurface briefly before he disappeared under the water.

A search resumed at first light on Tuesday but police divers have been hindered by underwater obstacles.

"It's a very deep site, well past some of their depth range," Sergeant Paul Andrews said.

"It's quite cold being fresh water and hazardous in regards to car bodies and large boulders." The quarry is believed to be up to 80m deep in parts.

The boy's parents were comforted by a chaplain at the quarry on Monday afternoon.

Police are urging people not to swim in the many disused quarries in the region.