Body cam shows police officer saving boy choking on coin

Heart-stopping body cam video shows a police officer saving a three-year-old boy who was choking on an unknown object in a car park, while his panicked mother watched on.

The child’s mother Victoria Terrill, was driving in the US town of Tecumseh, Oklahoma on June 7 with her son Chaz, when he became unable to breathe.

An officer helps a choking three-year-old boy. Source: Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

She pulled over and parked outside a car wash to try and save the boy from choking, before flagging down an officer driving nearby.

Bodycam shows quick-thinking Pottawatomie County Deputy William Wheeler slapping the boy on the back to dislodge the object, while calling for paramedics to attend the scene.

Ms Terrill can be heard in the video saying she believed her boy was choking on a lollipop.

Little Chaz coughed up a coin that had been lodged in his throat. Source: Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

However, while administering the emergency procedure, the child coughed up a quarter and spat it on to the ground, to the woman’s surprise and relief.

In seconds Chaz began breathing much easier.

“He literally just got there in time,” Ms Terrill told Week 25 News.

“He was turning purple. He was turning blue. He was throwing up. I couldn’t get it to come out.”