Bobby Moynihan threw up in a trash can on “SNL” seconds before sketch with Gerard Butler

"I was really sick and threw up in a garbage can and then you’re on live television five seconds later," the "SNL" alum recalled.

It's a tale as old as time: Bobby Moynihan once threw up seconds before a memorable Beauty and the Beast-themed sketch on Saturday Night Live with host Gerard Butler.

The SNL alum shared the anecdote on Monday's episode of comedian Anthony Atamanuik's Don't Panic podcast, where he looked back at his nine years on the show. "I had diverticulosis," Moynihan said. "I was getting cramps. So I was like, what happens if I get a cramp on live television and I can’t speak? And then it happened and you just power through.”

One night, "I was really sick and threw up in a garbage can and then you’re on live television five seconds later," he added. "You learn to deal with it. You learn to throw up in a garbage can and then talk to Gerard Butler five seconds later. That’s a real thing that happened. He was dressed like the Beast and I was dressed as Cogsworth."

<p>NBC</p> Bobby Moynihan and Gerard Butler on 'Saturday Night Live'


Bobby Moynihan and Gerard Butler on 'Saturday Night Live'

In the sketch from October 2009, there's a disagreement between Kristen Wiig's Belle and Butler's Beast on which of them is the beauty and which is the beast.

Moynihan admitted his tenure on the series wasn't easy, sharing that he experienced panic attacks. "I had a rough maybe six or seven years deep into SNL, where I was in a real weird place," he said. "Every relationship I ever had in my life had changed. My dad had been sick, pretty much his entire life, but it was right before it started to get real bad again."

“It was more of a culmination of just feeling exhausted and not sleeping, not treating myself well, and lumping all of this pressure that kind of didn’t exist or matter on myself at that point," he said. "Now with children and a wife, I can’t believe that I would get upset over jokes. Different person going in than coming out. One hundred percent.”

It appears the trash bins in Studio 8H have seen better days, as Seth Green recently accused Bill Murray of hoisting him in the air and dropping him into a trash can backstage at SNL when he was 9 years old. "He dropped me in the trash can, the trash can falls over. I was horrified. I ran away, hid under the table in my dressing room, and just cried," Green said.

Listen to Moynihan's full interview on the Don't Panic podcast below.

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