Bob Saget remembered on 1-year anniversary of his death: 'Complicated, brilliant, compassionate'

Bob Saget remembered on one year anniversary of his death.
Bob Saget is remembered by family, friends on one-year anniversary of his death. (Photo: Reuters)

It's been one year since Bob Saget's unexpected death and his loved ones are paying tribute. Candace Cameron Bure said she "stayed up for hours watching videos of Bob on my phone" on the eve of the anniversary.

"Videos I couldn't watch a year ago because it hurt too much. Last night they made me laugh," the Full House star shared on Instagram. "They comforted me and warmed my heart. I watched them over and over and laughed so hard. I miss him so much and I'm grateful he was my friend for so many years. I love you, Bob... now go hug a friend like Bob would."

Saget was found deceased on Jan. 9, 2022 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. The comedian's cause of death was the result of blunt head trauma, likely after the star fell alone in his hotel room. He was 65.

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Dave Coulier, who was extremely close to his co-star, said he and Saget became "instant brothers" when they met more than 40 years ago.

"Sometimes, I still grab my phone, ready to share one of the hundreds of silly bits that we did together. At some point today, I'll think about how much I miss him and I'll shed some tears. Then I'll hear Bob's voice, and it'll make me laugh. Enjoy the gifts of life while they're still here with you. Tell those you love that you love them…and hug them like Bob Saget," the comedian shared.

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Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, wrote about the past 12 months for People and said it doesn't feel like like it's been "one year since I've seen or talked to my husband. That just feels surreal. I'd say it feels like 3 months?? But also 300 years… time is so strange now!

"Each day is a mixture of remembering him as my sweet and adorable husband who was my best friend and do everything he could every day to make me feel loved and special… mixed with me remembering him as how the world saw him… a great comedian, a person who could bring out the best in people, and a man with a philanthropic heart who only wanted to help people," Rizzo wrote.

The travel and lifestyle blogger added, "The most comfort I have received is from Bob's daughters. I can't imaging not having each other through this painful journey." Saget has three adult daughters from his first marriage.

"Bob changed my life just by being the person who he was. Complicated, brilliant, compassionate, hilarious, neurotic, opinionated, loving, adorable, complex, determined, loyal and sweet. He taught me so much about how to be a better person, how to love ourselves and others more completely. He taught me that life can be very hard and that death is a part of it all and we just have to tell everyone we love how much we love them because we never know how long we have," she wrote.

"I miss his sweetness and his cuteness. I know it's not a side everyone saw, but damn was he adorable. I miss how he treated me like I was the only woman in the entire world and I'll miss how he looked at me all day every day," Rizzo continued.

"I want people to know that there is nothing more that Bob wanted out of life than to make people laugh and entertain people. All he wanted was to make people happy. He was also fiercely dedicated to his cause, The Scleroderma Research Foundation, it was his life's work," she concluded. "So please remember him as a comedian who truly loved people and wanted to bring them joy and as a man who never hesitated to give back and help people. He truly was a GREAT man."

The Scleroderma Research Foundation, a cause extremely close to Saget's heart, also paid tribute. Saget's sister Gay died from scleroderma, a rare and often fatal disease, in 1994. He made it his life's mission to raise funding for a cure.

"Today, January 9th, marks one year since we lost our dear friend, Bob Saget, and we've missed him every single day. Bob was a deeply caring friend whose love and positivity radiated to everyone. He brought hope and inspiration to scleroderma patients everywhere and worked tirelessly to support research efforts that would bring a cure," the organization said on Monday.

"Bob wanted nothing more than for the SRF to close its doors because we found a cure, and today we are as committed as ever to eradicating this disease," the foundation's statement continued. "Bob will always remain in our hearts as we continue on this journey, and he will be with us all when we finally celebrate finding a cure

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