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Bob Dylan charms his Perth crowd

There was no small talk, there wasn't even a quick greeting. Bob Dylan said all he needed to say through song at the first concert on his Australian tour.

The 73-year-old singer-songwriter began the tour in Perth on Wednesday night - the first of three intimate shows in the city.

He performed for just under two hours, and while many would be disappointed that hugely popular songs did not make the setlist, for someone whose career has spanned several decades, it can hardly be surprising that some hits would be left out.

Dylan opened the first set with Things Have Changed followed by songs including She Belongs To Me, Pay In Blood and Tangled Up In Blue.

He did not play the guitar, but there were loud cheers every time he used his harmonica and he also performed several songs at the piano.

His head-bobbing dancing and hand-on-hip poses were a little strange, and he certainly sounds his age in some songs, but it was hard not to return Dylan's warm smiles to the crowd.

The band were also impressive, but Dylan did not even bother to introduce them to the audience, which was a shame.

The American performer uttered his only words when he thanked the crowd for applauding, before announcing an interval.

He returned to the stage 20 minutes later, without a costume change, and re-opened the set with High Water.

That set also included Simple Twist of Fate, Forgetful Heart, Spirit On The Water and Scarlet Town.

Dylan's encore included Blowin' In The Wind, drawing loud cheers and a standing ovation.

As he bowed to the audience and left the stage, the lights remained off longer than expected and many thought there could be a second encore.

But Dylan was gone - at least until the next night.

  • Bob Dylan will also travel to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney.