Boa likely in NSW bushland: snake catcher

Gus McCubbing

The search for a rogue western Sydney Boa constrictor is all but over, according to snake catcher Sean Cade.

On the loose since a Boa skin was found at the Cascades Estate in Silverdale in early October, the 2.5m constrictor, reportedly thicker than a man's calf, could have travelled more than five kilometres.

But Mr Cade on Friday said his active search, in conjunction with the Department of Primary Industries, officially wrapped up in the past week.

"As far as physically searching for it - that's not happening," he told AAP.

"Just with the amount of ground it can cover ... it made things harder and harder for that search to be refined to a certain area.

"I reckon it's in the bush somewhere, but how long it can survive, or if it's going to survive, is hard to say."

Mr Cade says the snake may have found its way to the Warragamba Dam catchment area, approximately 5.7km from the Cascades Estate.

"If it goes into the Warragamba Dam, then that's a very isolated, secluded and secure area for it," he said.

The veteran snake catcher also said he was confident the Boa could survive in NSW bushland if it met favourable weather conditions and found food sources.

"It's probably just cruising around doing its thing," Mr Cade said.

"As long as it doesn't hurt anyone or their pets, it's not going to rear its head anywhere.

"We don't know the health of it, what area it's in, what other predators are out there ... so we can't really predict what happened to it."