BMW driver gets cheeky note over common parking gripe

Josh Dutton
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A person with an axe to grind has left a cheeky note for the owner of a BMW over their parking.

A photo shared on Facebook by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV shows a BMW parked in a complex in Singapore.

However, the driver has parked somewhat crookedly and a note has been left for them with a picture of a turtle.

“Many three year olds have trouble staying within the lines,” the note reads.

“Maybe if you practise colouring this turtle it will help with your parking.”

A BMW SUV parked crookedly with a note on the windshield.
Someone wasn't pleased with this BMW's parking job. Source: Facebook/ SG Road Vigilante

Note slammed as 'rude' in online comments

While some people commenting on Facebook found the note amusing others thought it was “rude”.

One woman suggested the car was still within its space and not really impeding anyone else.

“I do get a little frustrated when cars park like that in public,” she wrote.

“However, technically the car is still in the lot. I don’t think it’s right to shame the car like that on social media.”

One man asked for people to be “understanding” adding the driver might be inexperienced while another called the note “unnecessary”.

“Where’s the dustbin when we need it?” another man wrote.

However, some people saw the humour in the note.

“I need to print [a copy of] that,” one man wrote.

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