Blue Wiggle Anthony Field rushed to hospital after accident

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has been rushed to hospital in the US after injuring himself at the end of the group’s tour.

The children’s entertainer and co-founder of The Wiggles collided with a revolving door and was taken by stretcher to the Tuft Medical Centre in Boston.

The hugely popular Wiggle, 55, required twelve facial stitches.

Field is the only original member of The Wiggles still performing with the group.

Anthony Field was rushed to hospital in Boston after injuring himself. Source: File/Getty

After the accident he took to Instagram, posting a picture of himself on a stretcher to his 46,000 followers.

“Big thank you to the ambos and Doc Rice at the Tuft Medical Center in Boston!” he wrote.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field posted a picture of himself on a stretcher. Source: Instagram/@anthony_wiggle

“12 stitches in my nose after walking the wrong way into a revolving door!”

The Wiggles have wrapped up their US tour and are due to perform in Canada before an Australian tour gets underway at the end of the month.