'Bloody idiots': Fury over dangerous act on road

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Motorists from Queensland have been slammed for their dangerous act while driving along a highway.

In a video shared to Facebook, two drivers are seen driving side-by-side on the Warrego Highway, at Haigslea.

The car in the right lane appears to veer closer to the car in the left lane.

The passenger of the car in the right lane is seen hanging out of the window and passes something to the driver of the other car.

It is not clear what is being passed between the cars, though it does appear to be some sort of drink.

Something, allegedly a beer, was seen passed between two cars on a highway in Queensland. Source: Facebook/Mike Barry
Dash cam footage captured the moment a drink was passed between two cars on a highway in Queensland. Source: Facebook/Mike Barry

Both cars then continue driving along the highway, but seconds later the passenger of the right car is once again seen hanging out of the window.

The video was shared to Facebook by Mike Barry, who told the Daily Mail the two motorists had slowed to about 70 or 80km/h to pass what he says was a beer.

"It's a 100km/h speed limit along there so traffic was banking up behind them," he said.

According to the Facebook post shared by Mr Barry, the incident happened on Friday afternoon and described the people in the cars as "imbeciles".

"I was following these imbeciles on the Warrego Highway at Haigslea on Friday afternoon," he said.

"There was footage on Channel 9 news last night that someone else had sent in. Bloody idiots."

Mr Barry told the Daily Mail it appeared those involved knew each other and described them as "young blokes".

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Queensland Police for comment.

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