Blood found on alleged mother killer's top

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A Sydney woman who says an intruder broke into her home and murdered her mother was found wearing blood-stained clothing the night of the incident, a jury has heard.

Isabela Carolina Camelo-Gomez claims she was attacked coming out of the shower on the night of November 2, 2001 by intruders who then murdered her mother, Irene Jones, in her Lansvale home.

While Ms Camelo-Gomez has said she did not know of her mother's whereabouts after the assault and only learned of her death afterwards, a police interview played to a NSW Supreme Court jury revealed that forensic analysis conducted on the now 47-year old's T-shirt uncovered a "small stain" of Ms Jones' blood.

The same analysis also showed that the shirt was stained with the semen of Carlos Camelo-Gomez, a man who Ms Camelo-Gomez claimed she was not in a romantic relationship with at the time.

"How would Carlos' semen come to be on your T-shirt?" a police officer asked Ms Camelo-Gomez in the video.

"That's really good question because I've got no idea. And I've got got no idea how my mother's blood got on there," she replied.

Ms Camelo-Gomez claims she only had sex with the man once, months after her mother's death, when she became pregnant.

"I am stumped because the only sexual thing I've ever had with Carlos was after my mum's death," she told the police.

"Are you sure?" the officer asked.

"I am 100 per cent positive. I had never had sex with him prior," she replied.

According to the police interview, Mr Camelo-Gomez's DNA was also found on towels in the bathroom the night of Ms Jones' death.

Prosecutors allege the daughter strangled her mother with a ligature and stabbed the 56-year-old in her kitchen, believing she was an obstacle in her relationship with Mr Camelo-Gomez.

Ms Camelo-Gomez has pleaded not guilty to the charge, claiming she was attacked from behind by an intruder after taking a shower.

She claims the first time she saw Mr Camelo-Gomez become violent was when she told him she was pregnant, an event which occurred after her mother's death.

"He punched me in the face and grabbed my head and slammed me into the window ... and then that was the first indication to me that he was violent," she told the police.

The pair had returned home from her mother's birthday dinner when the then- 27-year-old known as Megan Jones at the time is accused of staging a break-in.

Prosecutors allege that Ms Camelo-Gomez became obsessed with a married man her mother hated and wanted to financially support him after inheriting her mother's house.

She is also alleged of wanting to please Mr Camelo-Gomez by entering into a "sham marriage" with his brother Cesar to secure him Australian residency.

Mr Camelo-Gomez has severe amnesia from a car crash and cannot give evidence.

The trial continues before Justice Helen Wilson.

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