Blind and deaf puppy rescued after being thrown into a creek

A deaf and partially blind puppy is on the mend and looking for a forever home after being thrown away into a frozen creek “like trash”.

Seven-week-old pup Chapel, who suffers from a congenital eye defect, had been put into a rock-filled plastic bag and then thrown from an overpass into a creek in Sadieville, in the US state of Kentucky.

The New York Daily News reports two men working on the road above saw her and raced to the little pup’s rescue.

A deaf and partially blind puppy had been thrown into a partly frozen lake in Kentucky, US. Source: Facebook/Speak for the Unspoken

Suffering from hypothermia, Chapel was taken to the Scott County Animal Shelter, which posted pictures of the adorable dog to their Facebook page with information about her plight.

The shelter’s assistant director Sherry Bishop told US outlet ABC News that Chapel was most likely discarded by a breeder because of her congenital birth defect.

“It’s a breeder being greedy,” she said.

“We feel like she was tossed away like trash.

“She couldn’t even hold her head up and was very disorientated.

“We rushed her to the vet, where she received fluids to warm up her little body.”

There has been an outpouring of love for the dog, now called Chapel, and many offers to home her. Source: Facebook/Scott County Animal Shelter

After recovering at the Scott County Animal Shelter, Chapel was transferred to the Speak for the Unspoken pet rescue organisation in Ohio, which specialises in looking after animals with hearing and vision impairments.

“We have been COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with the outpouring of love for Chapel,” Speak for the Unspoken posted to Facebook on December 15.

“We are also completely overwhelmed with applications from everyone interested in making Chapel part of their family.

Chapel is recovering from her ordeal while the animal shelter works with police to find out who is responsible for throwing her out “like trash.” Source: Facebook/Scott County Animal Shelter

“As with every pup that finds its way to Speak, we will take time to determine the perfect home for this precious baby.”

The Scott County Animal Shelter told ABC News it was working with local police to find the person or persons responsible for dumping Chapel.