Blind, deaf pet pooch survives blaze

A dog that cannot see or hear is proving cats aren’t the only ones with nine lives after somehow surviving a house fire in Victoria.

Lucy, a 17-year-old dog, is on her last legs but wasn’t ready to die on Friday morning despite her family’s Parkdale home almost burning down around her.

The dog’s owner Michael Lindstrom said as soon as he realised his house was on fire he rushed upstairs to save her.

He was woken at 1am by what he thought was a possum on the roof, but soon realised his house was on fire.

“(The) master bedroom is on the left, and she (Lucy) was sitting on a cushion fast asleep,” Mr Lindstrom said.

“Never heard a thing. I was running around shouting and she was fast asleep.”

Lucy, a blind and deaf dog, has survived a house fire in Victoria. Source: 7 News

Firefighters believe the family’s evaporative air-conditioner, which had been on all night, caused the roof to catch fire.

“We've got hundreds of thousands of air conditioners on roofs at the moment, and many of them probably don't get serviced,” Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s Brett Cowcher said.

Fire fighters believe the blaze was caused by an air-conditioner. Source: 7 News

“So it'd be a good idea if you've got one that hasn't been serviced in a while, get it looked at by a professional.”

The fire has left a big clean up and the home will need a new roof - but the family are just relieved that Lucy is OK.

Lucy is 17 years old and her family are relieved she's OK. Source: 7 News