Blast threat: Man mounts footpath outside Adelaide Hilton with 'cylinder-packed car'

A Broadview man will face court today after allegedly going on a terrifying tirade in the heart of Adelaide.

The 38-year-old man is accused of driving a car loaded with gas cylinders onto a busy footpath before allegedly threatening to blow up a government building.

Special Tasks and Rescue Force officers were hot on his tail.

Police officers arrested the man a short time later on nearby Hindley Street. Photo: 7 News

Police have said the incident was not terrorism related.

Security cameras in Hindley Street captured the man’s arrest.

The drama began mid-morning on Monday when the Holden was driven up onto the pavement outside the Hilton Hotel.

Bewildered pedestrians surrounded the car – little did they know it was a ticking bomb, packed with gas.

“Police started going through his car, took three gas cylinders out which had cooktops and that sort of gear on the gas cylinders,” one witness told 7 News.

Police claim the man yelled profanities before threatening to blow up a government building.

However, they said that nobody was directly threatened or injured.

The accused is due to face court on Tuesday.

Pedestrians were unaware of the potential threat lurking in the vehicle. Photo: 7 News