Blackout changes in place this year: AEMO


Australia's Energy Market Operator says it will have all proposed measures in place by the end of the year to better deal with the circumstances that led to South Australia's statewide blackout in September.

The market operator has released its final report into the blackout, delivering 19 recommendations.

They include improved wind speed forecasting, more rigorous weather monitoring and improvements to AEMO's capacity to restart the SA energy system.

Its investigation found the blackout was the result of incorrect settings on a number of the state's wind farms which caused them to switch off when a freak storm brought down transmission lines in SA's mid-north.

Those setting have since been changed to ensure the turbines can ride through the voltage disturbances that prompted them to shut down last year.

Despite the problems with the wind farms, AEMO chairman Tony Marxsen said renewables were not responsible for the lights going out.

"This is not about renewables," he said.

"There are no longer any mysteries in how this event happened.

"To state it at its simplest, on the 28th of September last year a storm came through South Australia with tornadoes causing major damage to the transmission grid."

SA Energy Minister Tom Kousantonis said the report showed that the intermittent nature of renewable energy was not an issue in the blackout.

But federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the blackout remained a "wake-up call" that underlined the importance of maintaining the supply of reliable electricity.