Bizarre Woolworths fail after woman orders 24-pack of biscuits

Nadine Carroll
·3-min read

A Woolworths home delivery customer has been confused over the packaging of one of her items.

And the supermarket’s response to the mum’s complaint only added to her confusion.

The busy mum of three placed an online order from the Woolworths Bundaberg store in Queensland to save time, and instead of a 24-packet of Woolworths choc chip cookies she ordered, she received two single biscuits in the bottom of a shopping bag with no packaging.

“Wow Woolies, I was unaware when I ordered a 24 pack of your store baked choc chip cookies for delivery that not only did they not come in packaging, but also came 22 cookies short,” the customer wrote on Woolworths’ Facebook page.

A Woolworths customer received two single cookies in the bottom of a shopping bag, with no packaging.
A Woolworths home delivery customer has been left scratching her head over the strange way a batch of cookies was delivered. Source: Facebook

Facebook users responded to the post with a mixture of shock and confusion.

“Wait, you got just two cookies thrown in this bag?” one person asked.

“Oh my God.. that's just effing weird!!” another user wrote.

“Right?... I also found my packet of white board markers smashed and dried out,” the customer replied.

Woolworths’ response confuses shopper

Woolworths replied to the customer on Facebook and asked her to respond with the batch number so they could investigate the matter, strangely they also offered the customer a refund if she bought the (non existent) packaging or receipt to the store.

“Woolworths, did you even read the complaint?” another person responded.

“This is insane,” another person added.

A Woolworths home delivery truck.
The customer was baffled by the cookies arriving without any packaging. Source: Getty

The customer told Yahoo News Australia that even if she had the time to head to Woolworths to request a refund or replacement, she was expecting to have a bit of a struggle on her hands as there was no packaging to provide the store with.

“Woolworths, I would totally provide more details if the two cookies I received were even in a packet with the date and batch details.

“It is quite difficult to get to the shops with a newborn and two other children, so I would rather not travel to your store for an exchange or refund at this time, and not knowing that I will even get one cause I do not have the packaging.”

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News that while the situation was rare, they were keen to investigate with the supermarket the delivery was dispatched from and the customer would be sent a refund and a voucher.

“We dispatch thousands of online deliveries around the country in full every day.

“While our teams work very hard to make it as seamless and convenient as possible every time, we don’t always get it right.

“We have organised a refund on the missing items and a voucher for the customer to apologise for their experience.”

The customer told Yahoo News she had received her refund but no voucher was offered.

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