Bizarre note left on police car parked in bay reserved for parents

Police were left shocked after returning to find a bizarre note left on the windscreen of a patrol car.

Plymouth Central and University Policing Team in the UK had parked in a spot reserved for parents at a supermarket after receiving a call about a lost child.

But a person who witnessed the officer’s parking was furious and left a scathing note on the windscreen that said: “Nice child in your car Mr Policeman! Guilty!!”

Officers posted a photo of the note on Twitter, explaining why they parked in the spot.

Plymouth police officers discovered a scathing note on their patrol car. Source: Plymouth Central and University Policing Team/ Twitter

“The officer was dealing with two immediate [job] logs,” the tweet said.

“A vulnerable child that was missing from home and a male that had fallen and sustained a head injury.

“The officer parked in the first space available #weneedyoursupport.”

People slammed the mysterious note writer on Twitter and threw their support behind the police.

“Some people need to get a life,” one commented.

Another said: “For goodness sake, a policeman on duty should be one of the few people who can park where they like or as in this case need to”.

“How ridiculous that person is making a hard job harder.”