Bizarre new law for tourists visiting popular European city

Venice, the Italian city known for its romantic canals and the Piazza San Marco, could soon impose a bizarre law targeting “boorish” tourists.

Venice’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, has proposed fines of between $80 to $800 for people sitting or lying on the ground, according to The Sun.

Currently people are banned from sitting in Piazza San Marco, except for designated areas. Flouting this rule attracts fines over $300.

The city’s council is expected to vote on the proposal in October, according to The Guardian.

Venice could soon introduce an odd new law. Source: Getty/file

However, the changes face strong opposition from local groups who argue against the restriction.

“There is such a long list of things that are forbidden in Venice there is nothing left that you can do,” Marco Gasparinetti, leader of residents’ group Gruppo Aprile 25 told The Guardian.

“They would need to hire an extra 5000 officers to properly enforce everything.”

The proposed law is part of the Mayor’s #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign, according to CNN Travel.