Bizarre find by police after man arrested over 'stolen' car

A man who allegedly drove a stolen car into a ditch has left police baffled after they found his nappy-wearing pet monkey clinging to his stomach.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrested Cody Blake Hession on Friday after he allegedly crashed a stolen vehicle in Holiday, Florida.

When officers pulled Hession out of the vehicle, they found he was accompanied by his pet Capachun monkey, named Monk, who was attached to a leash and wearing a nappy.

Monk the monkey wasn’t letting go of Hession’s t-shirt as officers removed him from the vehicle. Source: Facebook/ Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Wildlife officials confiscated Monk before he was taken to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary for evaluation.

Officers discovered that Hession didn’t have a permit for the animal, which police say could lead to further charges.

Police confiscated Monk after finding out Hession didn’t have the correct paperwork for the pet. Source: YouTube/ Pasco Sheriff’s Office
Hession and Monk shared an emotional embrace as they parted ways. Source: YouTube/ Pasco Sheriff’s Office

In a clip posted to YouTube of his arrest, Hession can be seen embracing Monk in an emotional goodbye as they parted ways.

At one point Hession can be heard telling officers he had owned the pet since it was three-days-old and while living in South Carolina he didn’t need a permit.

Pasco County Sheriff office joked on Facebook that the incident was “all in a day’s work”.