Bizarre detail discovered on back of $1 coin

Social media users are losing their minds over a bizarre detail that was discovered on the back of a $1 coin.

While it might look like any other Aussie dollar, a closer look reveals it is engraved with a 2019 date.

When the image began circulating online, talk of a simple typo was overwhelmed by tongue-in-cheek suggestions of time travel.

“Found a time travelling $1 coin,” the Reddit post read.

The one dollar coin had social media users insisting time travel is all too real. Image: Reddit/taeminjpg

“How do we know you aren’t some f*** from the future trying to trick us,” one man questioned.

In what is perhaps a slightly more logical suggestion, another explained how the Royal Australian Mint releases new coins several months before the new year so they are in full circulation by the first weeks of January.

“It’s normal for the mint to release the next year’s coins during Q4,” another reiterated.

Time travel conspiracy theorists weren’t willing to accept the truth just yet, responding “shhhh … time travel”.