Bizarre creature with huge head spotted in lake baffles locals

A bizarre creature that looks like an eyeless snake mutant with a huge oversized head was found floating in a lake by a shocked local.

Julieata Garcia was managing a pedal boat service at Lake San Roque, known as Espejo de Agua (Water Mirror) in the north central Argentina province of Cordoba, when she spotted the strange creature.

She told local media she saw the eel-like animal floating near a bridge which crosses the lake.

She then approached the creature and found it was about 80 centimetres long and had a head which measures about 20cm in diameter.

A shocked local found the creature floating at Lake San Roque in Argentina. Source: CEN/Australscope

Ms Garcia says she took the creature to the shore and posted photos of it on social media in order to find out what kind of animal it is.

The animal appears to have the body of an eel but with an unusually large head.

The woman had been managing a pedal boat service at Lake San Roque in Argentina, when she spotted the strange creature. Source: Google Street View

“We asked fishermen and they told us that, at first sight, it looks like a European eel, but none of them knew why it had such a big head,” she said.

“My grandfather has been working with activities to do with the lake since he was young. He has never seen anything like this in his life.”

Reports suggest the animal had been dead for several days when it was found as it had a putrid smell.

Internet users commented on the appearance of the strange creature. Abel Sampaulo said: “A water mirror with strange creatures.”

There were no reports of experts having identified the bizarre creature at the time of writing.