Bindi Irwin's awkward slip-up in video message: 'Oops'

The wildlife warrior was thanking her fans when she made the accidental gaffe.

Bindi Irwin has made an awkward slip-up in a video posted to Instagram wrapping up the year. Sharing the clip to the social media platform, the Wildlife Warrior thanked her followers for all their support throughout the year.

Throughout 2022, Bindi has continued to advocate for wildlife conservation alongside her husband Chandler Powell, baby daughter Grace Warrior, mother Terri and brother Robert.

"It’s because of you guys that we’re able to do what we do and continue to support so much conservation work on a global scale,” the 24-year-old said in the video.

“It means so much to us.

“I just wanted to record this video and take a moment to say thanks.”

Bindi Irwin pulls an awkward face in a video.
Bindi Irwin made an accidental slip-up while thanking her followers. Source: Instagram

At the end of the video however, the beloved conservationist made an awkward mishap which she realised instantly.

“It’s been a wild 2022 and I’m looking forward to a great 2022, uh 2023, oops!” she said before ending the video.

When posting the clip to Instagram, Bindi poked fun at herself in the caption.


"May have completely lost the year at the end of this video…(Grace didn’t sleep much last night, teething) but please know the thought was there! Sending all my love for this holiday season and into next year," she wrote.

Fans sympathised with the star over her lack of sleep and praised her for her candour.

"You’re doing amazing, mama! Watching you and Chandler inspire your little one every day makes me so happy! You are a role model as a conservationist and a mother. May you get more rest and more wonderful memories every day in 2023!" one commented.

"Appreciate how you keep being a new parent real. You’re doing great!" another said.

"The world is lucky to have you guys. I hope you had a wonderful year and I hope you get some sleep tonight."

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