Billie Eilish Revealed Why Christian Bale Was The Reason She Broke Up With An Ex

In a new interview, Billie Eilish revealed that Christian Bale factored into an old breakup, but the actor himself had nothing to do with it.

Billie Eilish in a black patterned jacket and tie at an award event
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For "What Was I Made For?" off the Barbie soundtrack, Billie and her brother Finneas O'Connell are nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars, which will be held on March 10.

The duo posing together on the red carpet. Billie is wearing a satin jacket with "Billie Eilish" embroidered on it
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At the Oscar Nominees Luncheon last month, the siblings sat down for an interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg of Chicken Shop Date, and it's during their conversation that Billie shared the Christian Bale story.

Finneas and Billie standing in front of an "OSCARS" backdrop. Finneas is wearing a checked suit
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"I got to be real," Billie said, after Amelia noted that some superheroes are "hot" while talking about The Dark Knight. The film stars Christian Bale as Batman and current Oscar nominee Cillian Murphy appears in the film as the supervillian Scarecrow.

A close-up of Christian Bale smiling at the camera
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"A couple years ago, I had a dream about Christian Bale, and it was in, like, a little cafe in the sunlight," Billie said.

  Oscars / YouTube / Via
Oscars / YouTube / Via

"It made me realize I had to break up with my boyfriend at the time," she continued, noting she woke up "and I came to my senses."

Finneas laughing as Billie recounts the story
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Elsewhere in the interview, Amelia asked Billie and Finneas which red carpet question they don't like being asked. Noting "it's no fault of the journalist," Finneas said he's "never had a good answer to 'How does it feel?'"

The three seated at a table with drinks and decor, including a sign that reads "Oscars Nominees Pre-Luncheon"
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Finneas said the "truthful answer" is "I'm stressed out, and I have to pee, and it's usually too bright in my eyes."

  Oscars / YouTube / Via
Oscars / YouTube / Via

As for Billie, she said she hates the question, "Are you happy?" Her answer? "No!"

  Oscars / YouTube / Via
Oscars / YouTube / Via

Watch Billie and Finneas's full interview with Amelia below: