Bill to establish military police introduced in Ukrainian parliament

A bill proposing to establish the institution of Military Police in Ukraine was introduced in the Ukrainian parliament on May 31, with full support from the Defense Ministry.

According to the parliamentary website, the legislation was introduced by Serhiy Ionushas MP, the Law Enforcement Committee Chair.

The bill envisages Military Police as a military unit with law enforcement functions, integrated within the existing security and defense structures. Its main responsibility will be to ensure law and order and military discipline within the Defense Ministry, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the State Special Transport Service.

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The explanatory note accompanying the bill states that the current Military Law Enforcement Service lacks the authority to conduct operational and investigative actions or charge individuals.

"This document is of crucial importance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which urgently need a justice system, with the Military Police being the first step," Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry has been pushing the case for Military Police since August 2023, although similar proposals were mentioned as eastly as 2020.

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