Big yes vote urged for Qld euthanasia laws

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The deputy premier has pleaded with MPs to decisively pass proposed euthanasia laws so dying Queenslanders don't have to fear a change of government.

Steven Miles is hopeful both sides of parliament will back the voluntary assisted dying bill, which is up for debate later this month.

But he fears what could happen if the vote is not decisive.

"The last thing I'd want is for someone towards the end of their life to have to make a decision about accessing this scheme with an election coming up, worried that their options and their choices might diminish after that election," he said on Wednesday.

"I'm calling on my colleagues to pass it with a sufficient majority so that nobody ever has to worry that a change of government might see the law reversed."

Mr Miles made the comments after being handed a petition started by Tanya Battel, whose breast cancer has spread to her lung and abdomen.

She knows she will not survive and wants to be able to chose how and when she dies once her suffering becomes too much.

So far there are 112,000 names on the petition, and that's growing by about 1000 a day.

She had a powerful message for Labor and Liberal National Party members, who've been granted a conscience vote on the issue.

"This should not be about politics or religion. This is about the terminally ill who want the peace of mind that this legislation brings," she told reporters.

"You don't walk in my shoes. It shouldn't be your personal choice that dictates how I will die from a disease that's killing me, not you."

Ms Battel handed her petition to Mr Miles, hoping he will table it when parliament begins debating the proposed laws in about a fortnight.

The deputy premier thanked her for sharing her story, and fighting for change that he too supports.

"I'm very hopeful this bill will pass," he told reporters.

"I really hope that it doesn't just pass, I really hope that it passes with a sufficient majority so that it stays in place."

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