Big pitch for high tech jobs of the future

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Young Australians are being urged to take advantage of the world's transition to lower emissions by getting involved in industries that will enable the change.

In a speech to the National Press Club on Wednesday, Technology Council chair Robyn Denholm shared her vision for Australia's future and said tech jobs would be at the forefront of the economy.

"Tech jobs are the 21st century's version of a good and decent job in the same way manufacturing was a mainstay of Australia's economy in the 20th century," Ms Denholm said.

"Not enough Australians know tech jobs actually exist and not enough Australians have the meaningful training pathways into these jobs."

Tech areas leading the sector by attracting investment and increasing jobs are business software, biotech, medical devices, media and design and pay tech.

Ms Denholm said it was crucial to have new apprenticeship models to help a broader range of Australians enter the tech industry.

She welcomed the federal government's digital apprenticeships program, which provides a pathway into the industry.

But she said there were more opportunities for federal and state governments to help people reskill into the tech sector without necessarily needing to undertake a university degree.

"We have got to talk about the things that technology does as opposed to how it works and to me that will attract a lot of people into the sector," Ms Denholm said.

She said a reskilling program that takes advantage of people's skills and brings them into the tech sector needs a collaborative approach between different levels of government.