Big Mood creator breaks down episode 3’s powerful closing scene

nicola coughlan, big mood
Big Mood creator talks powerful episode 3 scene Chris Baker - Channel 4

Big Mood spoilers follow.

Big Mood creator Camilla Whitehill has spoken about the closing moments of episode three, saying she wanted to create a "hopeful scene".

Starring Bridgerton and Derry Girls' Nicola Coughlan, Big Mood is a new Channel 4 comedy which follows best friends Maggie (Coughlan) and Eddie (Lydia West) as they navigate their way through work, life and mental health.

During episode three, Maggie throws a dinner party in the hope of proving she can live a well-rounded life without needing to take medication for her bipolar disorder.

However, the plan backfires and sees Maggie decide to start taking her medication once more after admitting to her psychiatrist that she can't cope without it.

nicola coughlan, big mood
Channel 4

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Speaking about the scene, Whitehill told Digital Spy during a Q&A session with other press that she felt the scene portrayed a sense of hope for Maggie and her journey with her mental health.

"I think I just have a different perspective on it because I think it's a really hopeful scene. I think that the fact that she says 'I don't want to die' is really powerful," she said.

"It shows that she wants to take control of her health and get better, which is a brilliant thing. Although it may be a bit of a bummer, I think there's real hope there for Maggie and it shows a maturity that she hasn't shown before."

Coughlan has also spoken about what she found different and freeing about the role, saying it was "very obvious" who the character of Maggie was while reading the scripts and added that she wanted to be "quite free in the performance".

nicola coughlan, big mood
Chris Baker - Channel 4

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"I felt super, super free to play her as I felt she should be played and with that kind of looseness and freedom. So yeah, it was great but it was super, super challenging," she said.

"We shot this all in seven weeks... I was shooting both shows [Big Mood and Bridgerton] at the same time for the first half of this, so it was quite mad, but it was a really special experience."

Big Mood is available to watch on Channel 4 and will premiere on Tubi in the US and Canada in April.

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