Big Brother's Sonia Kruger spills on shock Tully and Drew twist

Big Brother: Royalty V New Blood has pulled out all the stops for the latest season, with Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew returning to the show where they first fell in love in front of the nation.

Host Sonia Kruger opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about why she’s so excited to see the returning ‘royalty’ housemates and what we can expect from the series.

Tully dressed in a pink top with pink lipstick, sits on Drew's lap on the set of Big Brother.
Tully and Drew fell in love on Big Brother. Photo: Nine

Tully and Drew are reunited

“Tully and Drew, I’m a little bit obsessed with their relationship because they fell in love in front of us ten years ago,” she starts. “I think their relationship on the outside has been on again, off again for the last ten years.

“But to me, there’s something unfinished there between the two of them,” she adds.

Tully and Drew fell in love on our screens in 2013, despite the fact that Tully had a girlfriend outside of the house.

Viewers will remember the moment that Tully made an appearance in the house after being evicted. While all the housemates were ordered to freeze, the star walked up to Drew and kissed him passionately before telling him: “By the way, I’m single.”

Sonia reveals that on the new season neither Tully or Drew expected to see the other when entering the house. It’s bound to be great TV watching the pair juggle their relationship history while trying to play the game strategically.


Drew is pictured kissing Sam, on the set of Big Brother
Drew is in a relationship with housemate Sam. Photo: Seven

Tully gets blindsided

If it wasn’t enough that they have to live and compete with their exes, Sonia drops another bombshell: Drew has already found a new girlfriend, housemate Sam.

“Tim gleefully informs her that Drew has a new girlfriend. And Tully can’t quite believe it, because she’s like, how does he manage that in a matter of days?” she reveals.

Sonia mentions that while Tully comes to terms with the fact that Drew has a new girlfriend, viewers can expect some “interesting” scenarios to come as a result.

“Without giving away the game, let’s just say it’s a bit of a roller coaster,” she teases.

Alliances pose a threat

The host discussed the returning housemates and what that means for this year’s game play. Many of the ‘royalty’ have strong alliances with one another, which will be viewed as a huge threat by the other housemates.

Tully is wearing a hat and in tears, on the set of Big Brother
Tully finds it hard to live with her ex and his new girlfriend. Photo: Seven

Tully isn’t the only person that Drew has a strong connection with, as fans will remember the ‘bromance’ Tim Dormer had with Drew from his winning season. Tim and Drew were inseparable once their season was over, and it’s not a secret to any of the housemates.

“The thing with Tim is that Drew is his buddy,” Sonia begins.

“As an outside observer, I think any sort of alliance…becomes a threat if you’re not part of it,” she reflects.

The host also teases shocking confessions in the eviction room, and nomination challenges that are absolutely “massive”.

“They’re nail biting…you can feel the desperation in those challenges.

“It pushes people to the limit, no doubt.”

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